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Tara's Quest for Exposure continues

Tara's Quest for Exposure continues [part 1 of 2]
By: Thumper6948 (

Tara's Quest for "Accidental Exposure"

After the bike riding adventure Tara was hooked on the accidental exposure that she got by releasing her bikini top as she rode along on her bike. I sure wasn't going to argue with her since it made her so horney.

So we tried several different ways of exposing her from her clothes getting caught and ripping her dress open and exposing her huge tits, to a single strap breaking and exposing one tit. We even tried letting her dress get caught in the car door, but when the material didn't rip she got drug on the ground for a few feet as I pulled away.

Playing in the surf was a good one and she managed to come up with her top down several times to the delight of many of the young college guys watching her every move.

We did the scoop top thing where when she leaned forward the scoop top fell open to expose her huge boobs. But she wasn't happy with a glimpse so we continued to research other methods.

I had her lay face down while tanning and untied her top then jumped her and started tickling her ribs and she turned over and climbed on top of me while she held my hands above my head to get me to stop. All the while her volleyball sized boobs swayed back and forth in front of my face. Then she acted all shy like she hadn't thought about being topless in public.

Next we decided to use a shelf bra that only has the lower portion holding the boobs up for support but allows the end of the boob and the nipples to be in plain view. Then she put on a white very thin t-shirt and waited for rain. Well we got caught in the rain that day and her huge nipples and 4 1/2" areolas were plainly on display. The big problem with this method was the lack of control over the rain so we kept trying.

Tara even sewed a flowered top that had big daisys on the front with a half inch diameter circle of elastic sewed in a circle in the dark portion of the daisy to allow her to put a nipple through in an area of the daisy where the color matched her nipple pretty close. This allowed her to display her nipples while shopping without most people even noticing.

Another thing we tried was playing frisbie on the beach with Tara in a bikini and with her jumping around her huge boobs either fell over the top or out one side or the other. We even joined a mixed volleyball league but were asked not to come back when Tara's boobs kept pooping out during the matches. That wasn't due to the guys complaining as I am sure you could have guessed.

We did the cut off t-shirt thing one day so that the bottoms of Tara's boobs were shown on the down swing as she walked and when she reached up high she could show as much as she wanted to display.

Then we played with a bikini top that broke in the middle and we went to a couple of stores trying to get someone to sew it back together. We finally found a shoe repair shop and the guy was more than helpful. He sewed it up with one eye on the Tara's huge boobs. He didn't even charge us for the repair, so Tara gave him a big hug before she covered herself with the bikini. He was a short older guy that stood about 5'7" and Tara being 5'11" his face went right between her boobs. He was all smiles and Tara rubbed her boobs swiping her nipples accross his lips.

Next we took one or Tara's smaller bikinis to a lady who sews and we took the material and the edging we wanted it made from. When we handed the materail to the lady she said this won't work without a liner or it will be see through when it becomes wet. So I went outside and let Tara and her talk. What I didn't know was that Tara had her sew a suit for me also in the same material. She had left one of the men's bikini suits we bought in Aruba for a pattern.

So about two weeks later we stopped to pick up the suit for Tara (and the one I didn't know about) and we were headed to the beach for the weekend.

We visited some friends (Dan & Dee) one night while Tara had a summer top on that just had two thin straps with one over each shoulder. Dan had just bought an inversion boot table for Dee. It allows the person using it to hook their ankles and flip up side down to allow your own body weight to align your spine and relax. Dee used it first and I tried it next. All my blood went to my head immediately and I felt like my eyes were going to explode. So Tara tried it next and when she flipped upside down her huge boobs popped right out between the straps of her top. So she is hanging there and has her tiny hands trying to cover her huge 4" diameter areolas. She was flopping like a fish out of water and I noticed she had her big nipples sticking out between her fingers on both hands as she attempted to right herself. Well if you have ever used an inversion table the arms must swing over your head to make the table swing upright. So we told her that and she let her boobs swing free and flippped it upright. Her face and chest was beet red and her nipples were huge. I don't remember them being any more swollen than they were right then.

I reached up and flipped her back upside down and grabbed both nipples and swung her back and forth. She was telling me she would get even so I better let her up. So I took my belt and secured her hands behind the bed portion of the table leaving her boobs out for the three of us to play with.

She yelled but I knew she was loving every moment of it as we stimulated every inch of her body. I opened her pussy lips up and began to jack off her enlarged clit. Then I bent over and sucked it between my lips while flicking it with the end of my tongue. She was coming so hard she was having trouble breathing so I quit.

I noticed Dan had an erection tenting his shorts, so I suggested, by pointing at her mouth that he put her mouth to good use. When I looked back he had his hands over both ears and was skull fucking her mouth. She was blushing, sucking, and all while was getting her clit sucked. Meanwhile Dee was massaging her big boobs. Dan blew his load down Tara's throat and stumbled back to set down when Dee slipped her jeans off and pulled Tara's head into her crotch and began to move it around.

Tara seemed to know what she wanted and quickly had Dee squealing till her knees buckled and she sat down hard with a thump on the floor.

I then noticed that Tara's hands were loose and she was holding the belt in place so no one would notice.

So picture this, Tara handing upside down with her huge voleyball sized boobs handing to both sides of her very red face. Her pussy lips were very puffy and a trail of her juices flowed all the way down to her head.

So after some teasing and tickling I dared Dee to see how many fingers she could get inside Tara's very moist pussy. Due to Dee's small stature and the fact that my dick is right at 2 1/2" in diameter Dee was able to work four fingers in by curling her hand. Dan and I were massaging Dee as she kept playing with Tara and with the help of some KY Jelly I was able to get my dick started inside Dee while she was able to get thumb and all inside. As I slid more into Dee I xould feel Tara sucking and licking the connection. As she worked past her wrist and was doing a turning action inside Tara that seemed to drive Tara wild. Tara came so hard finally that she passed out cold. Dan helped her down while I hammered Dee from behind.

To be Continued !!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Model Needs Cash

Model Needs Cash
By: JJKearns

Jane has always wanted to be a model and/or actress and as long as she could remember everyone has been telling her she should be a model or be on TV. From her stunning green eyes to her cute smile down to her long tapered legs Jane was a vision. At 5' 8" tall she was not as tall as many successful models and with a 36D bust and a small 22" waist the now 18 year-old had more the look of a sex-toy then a high-dollar runway model.

Never-the-less Jane was still trim with 34" hips and long straight tapered legs and a 34" inseam. Her 115lbs are firm and in all the right places. Jane had been working for years to develop the skills necessary for modeling. She had won several beauty pageants and had worked for a local bridal store as the perfect bride model. Still to date her biggest modeling payday was $250 for a bridal show.

Although Jane was still optimistic she was also a realest and knew that her window of opportunity was limited and she was anxious for a break. To date Jane has refused to do any nude modeling or even posing for swimsuit photos. Then at a grand opening event for an upscale swimsuit and lingerie store Jane met a smooth talking young man named Jed. Jed told Jane she could be the next swimsuit supermodel and that he could make it happen. Normally Jane would have just said no and moved on but she kind of liked Jed and though maybe he was right. Maybe she was built to be a swimsuit model. After all her natural tits were every bit as impressive as any Victoria's Secret model she had ever seen in their catalogs. She also had perfect skin, blond hair and fabulous legs and abs to die for. Just maybe she could do it. She told Jed she would think about it and asked him to call her the next day.

Jed did call and asked Jane to come down to his downtown photo studio for a photo test. He said the test would pay $500 even if he failed to place her with a client. She est the appointment for 4pm the same day. Jane was excited and nervous at the same time. It was a warm day in LA so Jane wore some old cut-off jeans and a halter top. She was stunning when she walked into the studio. Jed, the photographer and two other models all took notice. Really striking was the fact that Jane was wearing no makeup and still looked perfect. She was a natural beauty in every way.

The photo shoot went well and the next few weeks was a whirlwind and Jane made enough money to rent a downtown apartment, buy some clothes and put a down payment on a nice car. She ran up a lot of debt but she was on her way and figured the money would keep rolling in. Then the slowing economy started hitting the entire modeling and talent industry and the work slowed to a near stop. Jane's debt kept growing and the cash flow dried up. After nearly a month of no work she went to Jed and asked if there was anything she could do to bring in some cash. She didn't like the answer. Jed said the only work that was still available was porn and that he would have to pull some strings to even get her that. He did say with her looks and body she could probably earn enough to get out of debt and have some cash left over with just one session. He also said she would be working with professionals and that they may be able to arrange for overseas distribution so that no one local would need to know.

Jane was between a rock and a hard place so she said she would appreciate the referral. The next day Jane was at the B&B Studio in south LA. She was interviewed by Leon and he was really a nice guy. He explained that all the actors she would be working with were screened for any STDs and that she could stop s shoot at any time. He also said that she would need to be on the pill because they would not be wearing rubbers. Then he said something interesting: "We like the element of surprise in our films so you will not know who you will be with until the cameras are rolling." He also said the first take is the money shot so unless she says "Stop the shoot" and only "Stop the shoot" they will keep rolling. Then he handed her an envelope with 5,000 cash inside and said she would be paid $10,000 more after the first completed shoot. He said if she stops the shoot at any time she still keeps the $5,000. Lastly he said if more than one man was involved she would be paid an additional $5,000 for each additional man. Jane really needed the money so she said "How soon can we get started." Leon said, "Today at 4pm is that ok with you?" I'll be here.

Jane had about five hours before the shoot so she went to a nearby porn store and bought some DVDs. She wanted to see what to expect. Jane was by no means a virgin but she had only had a few boy friends and most had not lasted very long in her tight pussy and one thing she knew about porn is the guys lasted much longer or maybe it way camera tricks? After watching a few of the DVDs she was impressed with the duration and with the size of some of the guys in the films. She was actually starting to look forward to 4pm.

She arrived at the shoot a few minutes early. The script was simple. Jane was to be playing a cheerleader that goes to a party at the home of the team's quarterback. Here's what happened: The camera started rolling as the Ned the quarterback took Jane up to his parent's room. Jane resists for a moment but gives in and says she will suck him off but no sex. She starts working his 7" tool and the more she sucks the harder he gets and she starts getting wet. This guy was really good looking and film or not she would probably be happy to be with him. She wondered what his cock would feel like in her tight pussy. The biggest she had had to date was about 6" and it felt large to her. She didn't need to wait long. Ned pulled out of her mouth and said "Now how about a taste of you?" and he pulled her cheer skirt off and in an instant had her panties off and was skillfully lapping away at her already excited cunt. Jane almost forgot about the cameras as her orgasm approached. She was holding his head in place and rolling her head back and forth as her body exploded in an incredible climax. But he didn't stop there as he went to work on her world-class tits sucking and groping her. Ned, too, was impressed with her large firm tits that were actually real which was rare with porn stars. Here beauty, too, without any signs of makeup was more than enough to keep him hard as a rock. By now Jane was really horny and she said, "I need you inside me". She wasn't acting she really wanted to get fucked. Ned, guided his cock up to here slit and eased into her tight sheath. At the same time she wrapped her long legs around him as she came again when he worked his way deeper then anyone had been before. He waited for a moment for her to adjust to his size and then started working her tight cunt with long slow strokes. Jane was on cloud nine and although happy to be getting paid would have fucked Ned for free at this point. She was always thankful for her incredible beauty and now she was beginning to realize her body was built to fuck. She was receiving constant pleasure and by the look on Ned's face he was doing ok too. A Porsche is built to drive fast and Jane's body is built for serious world-class fucking.

The camera team couldn't have been more pleased. This beauty was a natural and her body was second to none. Her firm ass, small waist, large firm tits and pretty makeup-free looks were perfect for the camera. Even in high-definition which normally showed up all flaws she was perfect. Jane was thinking Ned is just right. Big enough to completely fill her tight cunt but not too big to stretch her out or hurt her. But there was no question he was giving her one hell of a fuck and she wasn't sure how much longer she could last as she had another mind-blowing orgasm. He must have been fucking her hard now for at least 10 minutes and Jane couldn't believe he could last so long in her tight cunt. In the past no one had lasted more than a few minutes. She came again and as she regained her focus she heard another actor enter the room. She looked up to see a large black man that looked to be about 30 years old and stood about 6' 3" and was also built like a football player. Solid muscle and maybe 235 lbs. Ned pulled the covers over the two of them and said, Jane this is Nate he played for our school years ago and is still a big supporter of the program.

Nate, said "Ned, she is too pretty to cover up and the way you too were going at it she seems to like getting fucked! Maybe this little lady would like to try some black cock?" Without waiting for an answer Nate dropped his sweatpants exposing his huge black cock that was already getting hard. The cameras were tight on Jane's angel-like face to capture the look of shock, surprise and a touch of fear. She was thinking this is what Leon meant by "element of surprise". In fact she was shocked. She said "My God no girl could ever fuck that's huge". Leon then pulled his t-shirt over his head reveling his washboard abs and powerful chest and back. Then, Ned pulled the sheets back and Nate dove between Jane's legs and started lapping away at her clit while fingering her cunt with his large thick finger all while Ned worked on her wonderful tits. Soon as another orgasm approached Nate pulled up and laid back on the bed and asked Jane to suck his cock. Jane gripped his rapidly hardening cock with both hands and there was still three inches exposed plus her hands couldn't wrap around him fully. He was long and thick. Later she learned he was 10" and one of the biggest actors in porn.

She sucked away and worked his balls and stoked him with her hands. She was hoping she could get him off with her mouth and wouldn't need to fuck him. She was more than happy to leave fucking her to Ned as his 7" was big for her tight cunt. But she also knew she didn't want to stop the shoot so the plan was to wear this big guy out with her mouth. After about ten minutes of heavy sucking it happened as Nate came deep in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and then licked him clean. Then she realized she was still hot and wet and needed to get fucked. She climbed on top of Ned and lined up his 7" cock and lowered herself and started moving up and down. After several strokes Jane was taking the full 7" and was about to cum again when she looked over and noticed that Nate had stroked himself to another full erection. He said "I need to try some of that white pussy." Then Ned rolled her over and pulled out. As Nate lined his huge cockhead up with her tight cunt the cameras caught another closeup of a look of concern on Jane's pretty face. Then as he pushed in and her pussy lips opened around the huge cockhead the look turned to shock. Her pretty face contorted and her mouth went wide open as did her beautiful green eyes. As inch after inch slowly penetrated her tight depths Jane began to realize she was in for a serious fucking. At about the five inch mark she reached down and tried to hold his hips back and slow the penetration. Meanwhile a huge orgasm struck her entire body as he hit new territory at 8" deep into the tightest cunt he had ever fucked. Nate didn't know if he could go any deeper as it was so tight. Jane couldn't believe he was as deep as he was. The cameras captured one of the most erotic images ever caught on camera: A beautiful 19 year old with a firm lean body, trim 34" hips and a small 22" waist with long legs and incredible large firm tits being stuffed with an impossibly huge cock. Jane's head was rolling from side to side. Her green eyes were wide open. Each stroke almost turned her tight cunt inside out. Now, her legs were wrapped around Nate's powerful hips and she was working her hips to try and give him full access to her once tight cunt. All she wanted now was as much of this wonderful cock as he could possibly fit into her hot cunt. The orgasms were coming on almost every stroke and the room was just one bright white light.

Nate for his part was doing all he could to hold off his orgasm and work his way deeper. So far 8" was all he could do even with all his power her tiny cunt was resisting further stretching. Then Leon yelled "Cut, stop the cameras. Nate, pull out". Nate did as he was told and Jane recovered from her last orgasm and looked up at Leon and said "What's wrong? Why is he stopping?" She looked like a child who's parents just took away their favorite toy. Leon answered "Jane, do you want him to continue even if your tight cunt is never the same? If he goes balls deep you may never be the same." Jane replied "Yes, I want him to fuck me I need Nate's huge black cock deep in my cunt...please let him keep fucking me." "OK, Jane I will let him continue the following conditions: You can keep the $5,000 I gave you but you will not get any additional money and you agree that we can release the videos anywhere we wish. And, you agree to fuck anyone we say at anytime without question. You will become our whore!" Nate must have known all that mattered to Jane now was the big black cock that Nate was now rubbing on her clit. Jane said, "Yes I agree to all your terms, fuck me with that big cock...please fuck me now...I'll do anything but I need it now...."

With that Nate pushed back into the tightest cunt he had ever fucked and once again Jane's angel-like face contorted and her eyes rolled back into her head and she had yet another body shaking orgasm. Nate put his large hands on Jane's narrow hips and held her tight as he tried his best to go deeper than 8". Jane squealed out "Oh my Goddddd he's fucking me to death....oh my God soooooo deeeeeep....keep's sooooooo biggggggg!!!!!!!" Her legs were now splayed out to either side. She no longer had the presence of mind to wrap her legs around Nate's hips to help him go deeper. Thankfully Nate had a good grip on her thanks to the pronounced curve from her tiny waist to her hips. His thumbs were on her hips and his long fingers wrapped around to the small of her back just above her tight bubble butt. His powerful arms were holding Jane in place and Jane's firm well shaped ass was helping provide the correct angle for maximum penetration. Even so it was not easy going. Every deep stroke took time due to the extremely tight fit. Nate's thick cock was fighting the tension and it took all his willpower and control to keep from cumming too soon.

Then it happened: With one powerful push Nate buried his cock balls deep and Jane let out a loud yelp and said. "Oh my GOD, I can't believe I took it all...cumming again....I can feel your balls slap my ass. It feels soooo deeeep.....sooooooo biggggggg! Take me my pussy is all yours....fuck meeeeeeeee big boy! Fuck me hard....." With that Nate went to autopilot and started pile-driving Jane's unprotected cunt. The high-def cameras showed the huge cock going in and out of this incredible beauty with full 10" strokes. Jane had hands full of sheets as she held on for dear life. Her legs were now wraped back around Nate's powerful hips and she was clearly rocking her ass to help with the super-fucking she was receiving. Her large breasts were heaving and bouncing with each stroke. Now, she was experiencing one long orgasm and Nate, too, was on cloud nine. He has never had such a wonderful feeling and he had fucked hundreds of beautiful and sexy girls. Jane's cunt was hot, tight and powerful. Then without warning he had a massive orgasm and gushed a huge load of cum deep into Jane's unprotected womb. With that Jane placed her hands on Nate's rock-hard ass and held him deep inside as she passed out from one last mind-blowing multi-orgasm.

The last camera shot was a closeup of Jane's pretty face glowing with the warm smile of a satisfied woman.

Jane rested for several hours and when she woke she was in a luxury penthouse apartment in the same building as the studio. Leon was there and congratulated her on the best performance he had ever caught on camera. He went on to say that not only was their original contract still valid but that she would receive an additional $20,000 bonus and the use of the penthouse as often as she wished. He explained that the cameras had actually never stopped rolling and that the contract re-negotiation in the middle of the production was all just part of the script. Jane said, "I only have one question: When can I make another movie with Nate?" Leon said "As soon as you feel up to it." Jane said, "Can we start now?" and Leon smiled and said "Sure".

To be continued!

Elisabeth & the McCain T-Shirt & the Black Guy (Part 2)

Elisabeth & the McCain T-Shirt & the Black Guy (Part 2) [part 2 of 2]
By: LusciousLickingLips

Elisabeth bit her lip to bite back a moan as her jean covered pussy slammed rhythmically against a strong black hand, while her right breast was exposed and manipulated by the stranger behind her. Once again, she wondered how she got into this sexually stimulating but possibly incriminating position.

She thought that the overnight transfer to the next state in the McCain campaign trail would prevent another incident like the day before. When he had shown up backstage unannounced and still asking why he should vote for McCain, the knowledge that the "undecided" segment of the American population can be the deciding factor in the US presidential race had enticed her into another passionate discussion with the dangerous dark stranger.

In her frustration with the intelligent and probing questions thrown at her, Elisabeth had stood up under the pretense of closing the lights until the only ones remaining were the light bulbs on the perimeter of the mirror attached to the makeup table. She hoped that the black stranger would take the hint and leave.

While the lighted mirror framed her reflection, a hand, from out of the shadows, appeared at her left shoulder. Silently, Elisabeth watched it descend towards her favorite McCain slogan printed on her shirt -- AmeriMcCain Hero -- her nipples already hardening with the expectation of pinching and twisting fingers.

Elisabeth released a sigh as the black stranger proved once more he had the hands of a virtuoso. While his left hand lightly traced the letters of McCain's name, his right hand roughly squeezed the tip of her other breast, pulling it away from her chest, and then letting it snap back to its protruding position.

The confusing but pleasurable sensations caused Elisabeth's hips to circle enticingly, her flowering furrow seeking a rigid relief in its pulsating depths. She widened her stance, and emphasized her burning need by changing her hip movement to bring her undulating hips forward and back, arching her back as she did so in order to deposit her mounds even more firmly into his grasping palms.

Now, his rhythm changed. His hands encircled her tits fully, gripping and releasing the soft flesh repeatedly. Suddenly, the black stranger bared her right breast, but kept that part of her shirt with the name of McCain over her left orb.

Elisabeth gasped in surprise as the cold air hit her tightening bud. Her eyes flew to meet his in the mirror. In response, the taller masculine figure behind her pushed closer against her petite form and increased the pressure on her breasts.

Elisabeth couldn't believe the erotic sight of watching her own twin peaks being stimulated in such a rough manner. A part of her suspected that he was also partly taunting her as she saw how McCain's name was being distorted by his manipulations. As she dared to peep at him, she observed a hint of a smile on his lips as he observed her reactions closely.

As his left hand continued to possess her McCain encased sphere, his other palm skimmed downwards until it was lightly cupping her pussy. To her complete surprise, Elisabeth found her burgeoning sexual desire seeking its own relief, with her hips alternately slamming her clit against his hand while her butt hit the hard pole behind her. Without shame, she accepted the silent offer to pleasure herself.

To intensify the stimulation against her pleasure points, Elisabeth's hand crept behind to grasp his hip in order to press his groin closer to her inflamed pussy, and then she bent forward and widened her stance even more to allow his pumping pole to hit her squarely on her hole. Her other hand slid over his right and pressed his open palm closer to her excited clit.

Elisabeth moaned continuously as she used his hard body to sexually satisfy herself. As she neared her peak, she whimpered in increasing volume until she came with a small scream. She sought his lips and heatedly kissed the black stranger who had given her so much pleasure.

Her mewls of contentment changed to agitated whimpers as her pubic bones were clutched tightly, her feet were spread more widely and a powerful piston thrust aggressively against her jean covered vagina. Although their denims clothed both their sexual regions, the dry fuck wasn't less intense.

The black stranger savagely shoved his hidden snake against her spasmodic cunt. Elisabeth's abating libido surged powerfully to meet the masculine demand. She braced her weight against the makeup table and met his driving pole by plunging her own hips down, trying to meet his lust with equal ardor, but she was no match for his primitive force. She surrendered completely to his dark desires.

The force of his upward thrusts made Elisabeth give a slight jump each time in response. She held on tightly to the table, and watched with widened eyes as her bouncing breast escaped the grasp of McCain. Her eyes lidded over as she saw how her breasts circled and slapped together as a result of the black man's all enveloping sexual energy.

Her whimpers changed to staccato cries of "Oh! Oh! Oh!" as her cunt was dry fucked forcefully. When the cunt lashing suddenly stopped, she cried out in protest as her head whipped side to side. A bite to her neck stilled her movements.

When the black stranger felt he had her attention, he hissed in her ear, "Oh what?"

Confused, Elisabeth silently met his glittering gaze in the mirror, until she realized what he wanted to hear. She whispered softly, "O-- bama."

"Obama. That's right, baby."

And Elisabeth was rewarded with the resuming stone hard slaps of his cock on her pussy. As she continued to groan the name of McCain's rival for the US presidential race, the black stranger gifted her with more pussy pleasure until she was chanting in a lust brazened voice, "Obama! Obama! Obama!"

The thought flitted through Elisabeth's mind as to how her colleagues would react if they could see and hear her now. But her hungry hollow was demanding sexual satisfaction, and she erased her mind except for the cock that was bringing her to the pinnacle of sensory delights.

As her inner love muscles spurted out its juice, and she was on the verge of blacking out from the heightened levels of primitive pleasure, she managed to howl, "Ooooooooobbaaaaaammmaaaaaaaa!!!"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

When Martin met Rachel. Pt.3.

When Martin met Rachel. Pt.3. [part 3 of 3]
By: Otazel (


Five weeks. That's all it had been, five weeks, and yet it seemed as though it had been forever. Being with Rachel now seemed to be just a normal part of life, something that I took for granted would always be so, yet it was only five weeks ago that I first met her.

On that first night I had driven her home from a night out with her friends, and we had stopped for her to answer call of nature. That stop ended with us having sex, and at the same time relieved me of my virginity at the age of twenty-two. The next day we met again and this time we made love - as opposed to fucking, I mean - and so kick-started a relationship that we both now believe will last forever. Four days later I moved in with her.

Now I was driving home from work to her house - our house - along the same road that I had taken on that first night and I had just passed the spot where we stopped for that first magical union. Ok, I know I'm sounding sloppy, but I'm in love with her, and there are flowers on the back seat to prove it.

She is a truly beautiful women, tall, well made, with the most fabulous breasts and legs. Her eyes are a very pale shade of blue, which contrasts so well with her long tresses of very dark brown, nearly black, hair, and they occasionally flash with an icy fire when she's mad about something. It's almost worth annoying her just to see them shine. She's strong too, not over muscled, but there's not a bit of flab anywhere and she's not skinny either. Solidly athletic is the best way to describe her.

As I drove along I began thinking about the headlong rush that was our relationship and most especially the sex-life part of it. I've already said that I was completely inexperienced, having never had sex in my life with anyone before Rachel, and although she had enjoyed a regular sex life, it had, as I understand it, been a bit monotonous and one-sided. Then there had been a momentous transformation in our lives. I had gone from girl-shy, introverted man with no self confidence who avoided all sexual contact to almost the opposite, a sexually self assured man quite capable of initiating sex and then taking control in the bedroom. This was all down to Rachel, who had accepted me for what I am, given me support when I needed it and followed my lead when I felt able to take it. Now we were a sexually active couple with a blossoming sex life which we now ready to push further.

Up till now we had been fully occupied, if that's the right term, with making up for lost time, satiating ourselves with nearly non-stop sex. We'd experimented with different positions, with oral sex, with sex in different rooms, etc. and all the things that young couples tend to do, but we had yet to blossom into full sexual partners who hold nothing back from each other. As yet we didn't quite now our own or each others limits, fantasies, and dreams. I was still discovering Rachel's needs, as I'm sure she was mine.

I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that it was time to start pushing at our boundaries and as I drove along I determined that at the next appropriate time I would try and find out just what Rachel really fancied, what her deepest, darkest, secret sexual desires were. I already knew from that first night that she liked a little pain sometimes, but just how far did that liking extend and what else did she fantasize about? I wanted to find out and I set to thinking of how I could do so. Unfortunately I had no real idea short of straight out asking, and though I racked my brains I was still short of inspiration when I turned into our drive.

I wanted to put the flowers in a vase, and then leave them on the kitchen table with the card for Rachel to find whenever she next went in there, so I carefully turned my key and slipped in through the back door as quietly as I could. I knew that she hadn't seen the car, or she would have been at the door to greet me.

I padded silently into the kitchen, placed the flowers on the table and opened the cupboard door in search of a vase. But as I did so I noticed a faint but definite buzzing noise. I stopped and listened. There was no mistake, there it was again, increasing and decreasing at short but regular intervals. I strained my ears trying to figure out what it could be, then amid the buzzing I detected the slight sound of a woman's gasp and it came to me. It was the sound of a vibrator. I had no idea that Rachel even possessed one, which only goes to show how much we needed the discussion I was planning. But now my cock sprang to attention and I just had to go and catch her in the act, the thought of seeing her with a vibrator in her pussy made my heart pound and sent adrenalin rushing through me.

Leaving the flowers where they were I stepped quietly into the hall, stopping there and listening for guidance. The noise came from upstairs. Carefully and silently I climbed the stairs, pausing at just before reaching our partly open bedroom door to have another listen. Yes, it was still there, louder now and still rising and falling in volume over her plainly audible gasps as, I guessed, she thrust it in and out of herself. Jesus, but it sounded good.

After a little hesitation because I didn't know how she would react, I stepped into the doorway and into plain view, doing it quickly to try and catch a good glimpse before she saw me and stopped. I needn't have worried about that, she was lying naked on the bed facing me, her feet spread wide, her back arched and her head tilted right back so that she was staring at the ceiling. With one hand she was thrusting a large black and gold vibrator rapidly in and out of herself while the other played with her clitoris. She was gasping and moaning to herself and obviously rapidly approaching her orgasm. What a turn on, I just stood and watched. Seeing Rachel masturbate was the most erotic experience I ever dreamed possible and I just stood transfixed.

But you might guess that the sight didn't last for long. Rachel must somehow have sensed someone's presence, for she suddenly stopped and looked at the door, alarm written large across her face. Seeing someone there she let out a yell, pulled the vibrator from her pussy with such force that it flew from her grip, slammed her legs together and instinctively covered herself with her hands. Then realising that it was me she blushed bright scarlet and began to babble.

"Oh, Martin, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I don't know why I was doing that. I didn't need to do it, you're enough for me honestly. I'm really sorry, it's just that I was thinking of you and me and it turned me on. I'm so sorry, it won't happen again, honestly. You can throw the thing away if you like." She looked round wildly for her lost vibrator.

"Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. That was the horniest thing I've ever seen. Please stop saying sorry, I certainly won't throw `the thing' away and you can use it as often as you like."

"But you shouldn't have been there. How long had you been watching? Why didn't you say something? How come you're home so early?" Typical! Defence was turning to attack, though she still lay red faced and naked, one hand covering her pubes and the other across her breasts.

I grinned; after all, it was not often I have her at a disadvantage. I ignored her questions and asked my own.

"Why are you covering yourself up? I have seen you before, you know?"

She looked down at herself then self consciously moved her hands a little, one to her thigh and the other onto the flat of her stomach. But her knees remained nailed firmly together. I decided it was time to turn her embarrassment to my benefit.

"Have I left you frustrated?"

She grinned wryly. "No, I kinda cooled off in a hurry."

That wasn't the answer I expected or wanted, but I pressed on. "Wouldn't you like to cum, then?"

She looked longingly at the bulge in my trousers where I definitely hadn't cooled off, and jumped to the wrong conclusion. I didn't dissuade her.

"Oh, yes please." Her hand moved subconsciously back to her breast, but this time not to cover it.

"You'd better carry on then, and I'll watch you till you cum." Confusion, embarrassment, and excitement chased each other across her face and I knew I'd hit the spot.

She groaned, looking hot and anxious at the same time. "Martin, I couldn't do that. I'd be too embarrassed."

"Yes you can, wouldn't you like me to watch you play with yourself?" My voice was getting a bit breathless too.

"Yes, but I can't, I really can't, whatever would you think of me?"

I don't know what made me say what I said next, but unexpectedly it was exactly the right thing. It pressed an unexpected button that opened up a whole new aspect of our sex life.

"I'd think you were a slut." I said it quite unsympathetically and Rachel groaned with surprise and instant arousal.

When I saw Rachel's reaction I pressed home my advantage, not quite sure of my ground but feeling suddenly adventurous. Perhaps we could expand our horizons a little after all.

"I'd think you were a slut who would do anything that was asked of her. A horny little slut, a whore, a dirty whore with no morals and an ever-ready cunt."

Rachel wriggled softly with pleasure and the hand on her breast began to massage it, moulding the soft flesh beneath her fingers.

"Yes, yes I suppose I am, aren't I?" She whispered, blushing. "I'm a horny little slut. Tell me again what I am."

"You are a whore, a harlot, a sex-slut. You are just a walking fuck, an ever open hole, a dirty tart with a wet cunt. And now you are going to play with yourself like the slut you are, and I'm going to watch."

Rachel's breathing was coming in sharp gasps, her legs slid open and she looked around again for her vibrator, not realising it had fallen near her feet. After a couple of unsuccessful moments searching she gave in, lay back and her hand went to her clit instead, to begin rubbing frantically at it in an urgent need to climax.

"Tell me what you're doing. I want to hear you describe it."

"I'm stroking my pussy. I'm trying to bring myself off, so that you can see me cum. I want you to see me cum."

"It's not a pussy. It's a cunt. Sluts have cunts not pussies, don't they?"

"Yes, yeesss. That's right. It's a cunt, my cunt, and your cunt whenever you want it."

"So tell me again what you are doing."

Her first two fingers were flying across her clit and her hips were beginning the involuntary little twitching that heralded her approaching climax. "I'm playing with my cunt, rubbing my clit, and I'm going to cum soon. Please watch me cum. Please watch my cunt cum, I want you to see me do it."

For the next few minutes neither of us spoke, I watched absolutely spellbound as Rachel's fingers strummed, flicked, pinched and pulled at her clit, groaning all the time as she got closer and closer to orgasm. The only sounds were the rhythmic noises of her fingers at work on her clit and her heavy, ragged breathing. Her eyes remained fixed on mine all the time, little smiles flitting across her face before her face muscles started to go rigid and her back began to arch again and I knew she was close.

"Tell me when you're going to cum"

"Oh Christ, I'm cumming now, watch me, please watch me, look at my cunt now, I'm cumming, I'm cuummmminnng!"

Her bottom bounced on the bed as her hips jerked and twitched in uncontrolled spasms, one hand grabbed at her breast and pulled it savagely while the other pressed itself hard against her clit until her orgasm passed. I was so turned on that I could hardly stop myself from jumping on her and fucking her, but somehow it seemed inappropriate.

After she had finished she lay staring at the ceiling, her chest heaving and her tongue circling dried lips until she'd got herself together again enough to speak.

"Oh God, Martin, I don't know what got into me to do that. I've never felt able to be like that before. It felt so good to have you watching, but I know I behaved badly, I'm sorry."

"Will you ever stop saying sorry? There is nothing to be sorry for my darling. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen."

Rachel giggled, a nervous little giggle. "You said that a few minutes ago, when you first came in."

"I did, didn't I? Well then, you just got even hotter!"

Rachel looked at me, a suddenly serious look on her face. "I loved it when you called me names. But you don't really think that of me, do you?"

I walked over to the bed and sat next to her, taking one of her hands in mine. "No sweetheart. I think you're wonderful, the sexiest lady I've ever met - with the emphasis on lady."

"Except when I'm being a tart!" Her breathing was nearly back to normal and her sense of humour had returned.

"Except when you're being a tart." I echoed, still amazed by what had happened.

"Can you cum again?" I asked, the beginnings of an idea forming, but unsure just how much her climax had taken out of her.

"With a little help from a friend." Rachel smiled and her eyes sparkled in a way that said everything.

I wasn't quite sure if she meant me or her vibe, but I was so bloody randy I intended it to be me, so I stood up again and quickly undressed. Then I settled next to her, put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to me and whispered into her ear.

"Come here then, and we'll see what happens."

"Kiss me first then, so that I know you've forgiven me."

I still had my arm around her shoulders and I just pulled her over on top of me, locking her mouth onto mine and kissing her like there would be no tomorrow.

"Mmm. Now I know that you didn't mind."

She smiled and wriggled her belly against my erection. I kissed her again just to shut her up. Our lust had temporarily given way to simple need, we were still feeling horny, but without the urgency. I suppose we were busy reinforcing the bond we have after what we'd been doing in the past half hour.

I like kissing and so does Rachel, so it was no problem for us to lie together for ages, just exploring each others mouths and feeling the love that was growing between us, though after a while her weight lying on my erect cock did become a bit much. I think Rachel realised that it must be uncomfortable because just as I was beginning to think of moving she shuffled herself around a little to move her weight. Then she reached her hand down between us, releasing my cock to freedom between her legs. I gave a little grunt of pleasure, my cock was standing between her thighs, just touching their join and the cheeks of her arse, and I could feel the cool air wafting deliciously against its hot damp hardness.

Rachel's wriggling had dislodged my hands from their comfortable position around her shoulders and I found myself running them up and down the lovely soft skin of her back, gently stroking her from neck to buttocks with alternate hands. She smiled into my mouth with soft `Mmm' of approval.

This was all very nice, but I was still feeling actively horny and it was going through my mind to roll us over and make gentle love. But just then Rachel, who must have remembered my original request that we repeat our first encounter, reached down and grasped my cock again, fondling it as she guided the head towards the entrance to her pussy. Who was I to go against her wishes? I wriggled a little and pushed gently, sliding my cock into her warm and slippery hole.

It reminded me in a way of our first time, when she had been in a similar position on top of me on the grass, but this time there was no reluctance on my part and I began gently thrusting in and out of her, at the same time running my fingers along her spine.

It didn't take long before we were getting hot again and Rachel carefully moved position so that she was now on her knees above me, resting on outstretched arms to allow her breasts to swing free over my face. Then she began rising and falling on my cock, so I just lay there and let her. What else was I to do, and in any case I knew from past experience that it would become a very sexy fuck.

Indeed it did, but not quite in the way I envisaged.

I was still running my hands up and down her back and reaching as far as I could onto her buttocks, which was actually not very far when she was at the bottom of her stroke. But then she decided to tease, and she paused at the top with her nipples just an inch or so above my face and just the head of my cock resting inside her. Instinctively I tried to push deeper, and she moved with me, a mischievous grin on her face.

This movement brought her bottom within my reach and let me fondle her cheeks, cupping them in my hands while massaging them with my fingers. But one hand was a little too low for comfort, and in trying to reposition it on the full roundness of her bum cheek I found my finger tips resting just in the crack of her arse. I found this little accidental trespass quite stimulating and so I left it there, and when Rachel's little `mmm' told me that she didn't mind I explored a little further, reaching back with my other hand to explore from the other side. Again she had made no move to avoid the contact or to slide back along my cock to thwart me, so I took that as a sign to go further, and with one finger I ran along the depth of her crack until it skated over her puckered little anus. This time her `mmm' was louder and more pronounced and I noticed her eyes were closed and her breathing had become ragged. I moved my finger back until it rested openly against her rear entrance, just to test the water, so to speak.

She still made no protest and that gave me the confidence to twist my fingertip against her little hole, trying to gain access, trying to push into her, but it was without any success. She was just too tight and dry to admit me, so after a moments thought I moved my finger lower until I found her pussy, managing to wriggle it into her alongside my cock, coating it to the first knuckle with her copious lubrication. I spread her juices back to her anus, then returned to her pussy for more, and all the time she kept rigidly still, silently willing me on, wanting me to penetrate her anus.

This time when I twisted my wetted finger against her entrance I felt it give a little, allowing just the tip of my finger to slide inside. She was tight, so very tight and so very exciting. I collected more pussy juice and pushed again, an extra half inch of finger went in and she moaned out loud, pushing down very slightly to help me enter. Another push, another half inch gained, and another moan of pleasure. Now I pulled back a little before pushing, trying to make my invasion more of a gentle finger fuck and building up a gentle rhythm that Rachel matched with small movements against me. My finger was now moving easily in and out of her as far as my second knuckle, which was as far as I could reach in this position.

This was the first time I had ever entered, or even touched, a woman's anus and I was finding the experience very erotic and exceptionally arousing. I could feel my finger moving inside her against the head of my cock, which still lay inside her pussy and was separated from my finger only by thin membranes. I wondered vaguely what it would feel like the other way around, with my finger in her pussy and my cock in her arse.

"That's nice."

Her whisper was tight and husky, revealing how turned on she was as much as telling that she approved. I grasped the opportunity to find out more.

"Would you like me to fuck your arse properly one day?" I asked her softly.

"Yes, please. I sometimes fantasize about having my bottom fucked. Would you really do that to me?" She looked down at me with a pleading look in her eyes, not sure if I'd disapprove.

I felt a surge of excitement. "I'd love to. I'll do it whenever you want me to."

"Really?" Her eyes shone.

"Anytime!" I'd thought about anal sex long before I met Rachel, from first seeing it done in a porn film.

I'd been wondering how to find out about her fantasies and perhaps this was it, so long as I took things slowly.

"Tell me why being called names turned you on?" I asked quietly, holding her face close to mine and thrusting gently into her as she knelt above me.

"I don't know, perhaps because I really wanted to be a slut right then, I wanted you to look at me doing something naughty. The idea of acting obscenely for you was a hell of a turnon and it gave me a real buzz when you told me to bring myself off. Don't you know, I just love the idea of being ordered to do something I shouldn't."

"Why did you like being watched?" I breathed the question very quietly and sexily into her ear.

"I don't know." She thought quietly for a minute as I fucked her softly, then. "In fact, yes, I do know, it's just so very sexy to have someone see you in your most vulnerable moments. I loved you watching, it made me feel so helpless and exposed and that was great."

"Is it something you've fantasized about before?"

She was beginning to move against me, matching my thrusts with little movements of her own. "Yes, many times, sometimes I dream about being made to do it in front of an audience."

I let my finger slip from her arse so that I could hold her properly. She frowned fleetingly and wriggled her bottom as if to express disapproval, but she didn't complain. We both knew it would find its way back in sometime or other.

"What sort of audience? One person, a few, a lot, how many?" I was pressing for more detail, and I think vocalising her desires was stimulating Rachel as well.

"Sometimes just one or two, sometimes many, - in one fantasy I was on a stage in a theatre doing it." Her breathing was becoming ragged.

"Is it always men, or do you fantasize about women watching you?" I was deliberately pushing the boundaries, trying to find what she really thought.

"I've never fantasized of doing it willingly in front of a woman, but I did once dream of being forced to do it for women, and that was an incredible thrill."

She was thrusting herself down on me more forcefully now and her hips were gyrating softly, the very personal nature of exchange was arousing her more and more. She was enjoying telling me of her desires now, and I was still pushing into her, keeping things nice and slow while she spoke so openly.

"Would you like to watch others as well?"

"Yes, and before you ask, both sexes, and I do fantasize of watching other couples fuck."

The conversation, held at whisper level, was turning me on tremendously and I desperately wanted to fuck her hard until we both came. But I also wanted to take these disclosures as far as I could, I'd told myself I wanted to know these things and I knew I wouldn't get a better chance.

"Would you like to watch a couple fuck in real life, and let them watch you?"

"Oohh, yes! God, that would be really something! Would you fuck me for someone to watch us?"

I could see that the idea was a big turn on for her. Then I realised I'd like it too, having someone watch us fuck. "Yes, I'd fuck you anywhere, anytime."

I'm not sure if she picked up on the change from possibility to probability, but she didn't recoil at the idea if she did.

In fact that's when she climaxed, as if the thought had tipped her into the abyss. She rammed herself down hard onto me as her orgasm struck, lifted herself once and then ground herself against me with all the force she could muster. Her head was lifted from mine by the muscular tension within her and she let out a wail of pleasure that lasted until her orgasm died away, then she slumped back against me, leaving me feeling distinctly tender and very frustrated.

"God, that was good" As she spoke she turned her head to look at me. "Did you mean that? About fucking in company?"

I nodded and she sighed with satisfaction before she continued.

"Now, believe it or not I'm still randy, so can we keep talking sexy? You can ask me whatever you want. It turns me on."

I was up for that. I hadn't cum at all yet and my balls were beginning to complain about the fact. But I was still determined to learn everything I could about the things that turned Rachel on, and then I was going to fuck her hard.

"Then tell me what else you fantasize about. Tell me your deepest secrets, what really, really turns you on but you haven't dared say. Don't hold back, it won't matter."

Rachel sat up and thought for a few minutes, her fingers automatically finding their own way between us to touch her clit, and for a minute I thought she was going just going to play with herself. But then she spoke.

"Will you spank me sometimes, and pull my nipples like you did before, please? But I mean spank me properly, you know, like put me across your knee and paddle my behind. I know it's strange but I'd like sex to hurt sometimes, and I mean really hurt."

I had no trouble agreeing to that, I'd fantasized about doing just that too, especially putting someone across my knee. If pushed I suppose I'd have to admit to a mildly sadistic streak and I like the idea of inflicting pain, especially if it turns the recipient on as well. This was like being told that the sweet shop was all mine.

"Yes, Rachel, I'd love to do that! Is there anything else?"

"Can I tell you what else I really want? But please don't think badly of me for it, I can't help what I fantasize about, and you don't have to do it if it doesn't work for you."

I nodded and she continued, a little nervously at first but then the words tumbled out.

"I want you to take me roughly, just fuck me anyway you like, make me do things, anything. Don't ask my permission, just take me, you can swear at me, call me dirty names - you already know how I like that, just make me feel like a `thing' instead of like a woman, I want you to humiliate me, make me cry, do anything you want."

She paused and looked down at me. I'd wanted to know where her inclinations and her limits lay, but this was a bit more than I had bargained for and I wasn't sure that I could cope. It wasn't that I didn't fancy dominating her; it was just the degree that momentarily fazed me. I had no idea of the depth of her submissive tendencies. The shock on my face must have shown because she immediately gripped my arm in alarm.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said all that, pretend I didn't. I don't expect you to do those things anyway, you're too nice."

"Don't you be too sure." My voice was thick with pent up excitement when I eventually answered. "How far do you want me to go?"

An excited smile chased the anxiety across her face. "As far as you like, just make me your slut. Make me do things I wouldn't dare do on my own. Make me do things that I don't like doing. Even make me do them with other people watching if you want. I'll do anything you want, anything, and I'd love to have other people see us."

I was so glad Rachel was able to tell me her darkest desires, and although they were far more than I had expected, they were also turning me on unbelievably. I could tell that Rachel was getting more and more aroused again as she played with herself while sliding up and down on my shaft as we talked. I really hoped we could cum together, that would be the icing on today's cake, but right now I needed to see just how far she wanted us to go. If she wanted more than I could give, then I'd have to steer her away from it.

"Would you like other people to do more than just watch?"

She understood immediately. "Yes! If you want them to."

"Would you like other people to fuck you?"

"Oh God! Yes, but only if you told me to, and then I'd love to be fucked while you watched me."

"By both men and women?" I was really pushing it now, but the subject was obviously making her horny.

"Oh, Martin, I'm straight, I don't fancy women." She hesitated, and then continued. "But I'd do it if you wanted me to, if you ordered me to. As I've told you, I want to be made to do the things I don't want to."

"How many of those things would you want to do for real?" It was my final question, and I was nearly panting from pure lust as I asked it. I was scared and aroused in equal measure by her revelations.

"I want to do everything that you'd like me to do." Her answer was simple and certain, even if a little ambiguous and even though it came out like a gasp of want.

That was about as much as I could absorb in one go. In less than half an hour I'd found that my girl was both extremely adventurous and incredibly submissive, and, more to the point, quite prepared to go further than I would. That was going to take a little getting used to, even if I had pushed her there myself. I didn't want to hear any more. Perhaps it was time to change theory into practise before I scared myself out of trying.

"Would you like me to fuck your arse now?" I asked her abruptly.

"Yes, yes, but please don't ask, just do it, I don't want you to ask, I want you to just do things to me."

She looked down at me then went on, trying to make me understand.

"I do want you to, but it wouldn't matter if I didn't, you should do it anyway."

I could see that I was going to have to clarify this consent issue before long.

"Ok. Right then, what have we got that I can use as lubrication?"

It was clear to me that while an inch or so of finger might enter her anus fairly easily, the full length of a penis would need help, and I've been told that mine is not a small one.


She climbed off, abruptly dislodging both my finger and my cock, and went across to her dressing table. Reaching into one of her drawers she pulled out a large tube, something like a tube of paint but with the legend `Personal Lubricating Gel'. It was for her vibrator I supposed, just something else I hadn't known she possessed. She made to hand the tube to me.

"No, you do it. I want you to put it on both of us."

She looked at me a little strangely before she knelt on the bed, unscrewed the cap from the tube and squeezed a good sized blob onto her fingers. Then she leaned forward and took hold of my cock, spreading the gel all along the shaft and over the head. I must admit that the cold slipperiness of her gel covered fingers on my hot hard cock was tremendously stimulating and I almost wanted her to wank me off instead,. But then the urge to fuck her anally rallied and I let her continue.

She obviously didn't think that she'd used enough, because she squeezed another blob onto her fingers and spread that just over the head of my cock. Once again I was blown away by the incredibly erotic feeling of her lubricating my cock.

Having done that she put some more gel on her fingers and, still kneeling and facing me, reached behind herself to lubricate herself, but I stopped her.

"No, not like that." She looked at me curiously.

"I want you to turn around to face away from me and get on all fours ready for me to fuck you, and then you can reach between your legs and grease your own arse. But make sure that I can see you do it."

Her face turned red and she opened her mouth as if to argue, but then she turned around and did as she had been told. Kneeling on all fours she reached back through her legs with her gel laden fingers, searching for the entrance to her own anus. I moved forward and, using both hands, held her arse cheeks open for her. This gave me the most intimate sight as her searching fingers found their mark and I watched them spreading gel around the rim of her anus.

"Push your finger in and do the inside, please." I instructed her.

She didn't object, in fact she sexily finger-fucked her own arse for several minutes groaning and sighing with pleasure all the time. Watching her finger slowly pushing in and out of her own backside, disappearing into her tight little hole as far as the first knuckle then pulling back out, but it was absolutely beautiful. My cock was rock hard and ready to burst by the time she had finished, but finally she withdrew her finger, rested her head on her folded arms and presented me with her raised backside.

"I'll try not to hurt." I said in reassurance as I shuffled closer on my knees.

"I don't care, just fuck me." She was panting with desire now; the humiliation of having to display herself to me had worked its magic.

I moved in close and touched her anus with the tip of my cock.

"Yes, do it, please do it." Her need was urgent.

For about thirty seconds I teased her by running the tip of my cock up and down her crack, listening to her moan with need and frustration, then I stopped, lined up my cock on her arse and began to push, gently but continuously. She moaned again and pushed back a little, trying to force the issue and take me into her. I was going to do this at my speed, so as she pushed I slackened off, negating her efforts.

"Come on, fuck me, fuck my arse." She was almost crying with anticipation and lust.

"Shut up, I'll do it my way." My voice brought immediate silence and she stayed stock still, breathing heavily. Surprise and an unexpected thrill had shocked her into submission.

Now I began to push again, slowly, so slowly, forcing my cock passed the ring of her sphincter muscles. She whimpered a little as her little hole stretched to take me, but she didn't attempt to pull away and I kept going, not wanting to hurt her but at the same time sort of hoping that I was. I was looking down all the time, guiding my cock, making sure that it didn't slip away from its target, and the sight of her anus opening to let my cock inside was so, so bloody hot. I kept pushing, seeing the tip make headway, then the main part of my cock head, until finally, with almost an audible plop, the entire head of my cock slipped past her sphincter and buried itself in her rectum. She cried out a little with pain at my entry, but I could hear her repeatedly muttering `oh yes' under her breath as she accommodated my cock.

I wanted to savour the feel of my cock inside her arse, so I stayed motionless for quite a while, just soaking up the sensation of my cock inside her hot tight back passage, feeling the constriction of her sphincter around my shaft and the faint pulsing of her vaginal muscles coming through the walls of her rectum.

Then I began to push my way deeper into her. There was no further resistance and although her passage was noticeably tighter than her pussy, it expanded willingly to let me continue.

I had expected to have to make several partial penetrations before I could invade her with my full length, but so easily did my cock enter her that I was able to sink it right into her in one gentle but continuous thrust.

Then,when I was fully into her I gripped her hips and pulled her back against me, pressing my pubic bone against her bottom.

"That's it, now you've got all of me. How does it feel?" I wanted to know what she thought.

"God, Martin, its lovely. It's not at all like my pussy, but just as nice if not nicer. I'm glad we're doing it, aren't you? She was talking into the crook of her folded arms as she knelt before me.

"Does it hurt?"

"Only a little bit, but that makes it even nicer. Are you pleased with my arsehole?"

I began to thrust gently, pulling back about two thirds before sliding back to full depth. "Yes, I'm very pleased with it, and when I cum I'm going to shoot it right into it. Will you like that?"

"Oh. Yes please, I want that."

"What do you want, tell me exactly?"

"I want you to cum inside my arse. I want to feel your cum shoot right inside me. Push your cock right deep inside my arse when you cum. Don't worry about hurting me; just fuck my arse hard until you fill it with cum."

Steadily but relentlessly I fucked her, slowly picking up speed and power until I was slamming into her arse as forcefully as I would her pussy, and slowly my orgasm began to build.

"Oh my God, that's fantastic, don't stop, fuck me harder."

Rachel was breathless from arousal and desperate for me to keep fucking her. I wasn't about to stop. Soon I could feel my balls begin to tighten and that old familiar liquid fire start to flow deep within me.

"I'm going to cum soon." I wanted her to be ready.

"Me too!" She just managed to gasp out the two words before a huge orgasm engulfed her,

From my angle behind her, all I could see was her body heaving and twitching and her hands grabbing at handfuls of duvet as she fought to remain still for me, but I could hear her climax. She was letting out an almost continuous stream of `ooohs!' in a gasping, breathless voice, each one reflecting another wave of pleasure coursing through her. I watched and listened as I tried to ram my cock deeper and deeper into her warm silky rectum. Then I lost concentration as my own orgasm arrived.

My climax into Rachel's rectum was much more powerful than I expected. Whether it was the sense of taboo pleasure or just the beautiful soft tightness of her passage I've no idea, but I exploded into her like a bursting dam, spraying my cum deep inside her. Spurt after spurt jetted into her as my head went back, my hands gripped hard onto her hips to keep me pressed deep into her, and I cried out in ecstasy. It seemed that my whole body was in spasm, juddering and shuddering with the intensity of my peak, and only gradually returning to normal after my balls had emptied themselves totally into Rachel's arse.

One fantasy was fulfilled for us. How many of the others I would be able to deal with I wasn't sure yet.

The Picnic

The Picnic
By: Ynot Tony (

It was a warm day, during early September. The sky was a bit cloudy as they pulled into the parking lot. They quickly unloaded the picnic basket and headed towards the lake. He was wearing brown short pants and a tan polo shirt. She was wearing a white sundress, cut slightly above the knees.

They found a nice clearing next to the lake, spread out a blanket and set down a picnic basket, a cooler and a portable grill. They had a great time cooking and finishing the meal chatting while downing a nice bottle of wine. He asked her, "Would you like to go for a walk down to the lake?" She answered, "I would love too."

They walked hand in hand and began to circle the lake as the sky became very dark. Suddenly, rain fell from the sky. They giggled as they ran back for the picnic area. As it began to rain extremely hard, it became clear that it was useless to return. They stopped and stared at each other.

The rain had soaked his shirt and it clung to his muscular arms and chest. Her eyes continued down to his rain soaked pants showing a perfect outline of her favorite pleasure tool. His eyes rolled all over her beauty as she shined in the rainstorm. The rain soaked dress had become transparent. He could see her chilled hardened nipples poking through the fabric and he could see the trace of her pubic landing strip aiming towards her treasure chest. It was quite evident that she was without panties.

As the rain continued to pour, they moved forward and embraced in a passionate kiss. There tongues began to explore, a kiss that could last for eternity. Ever since they had first made love, the same fire always burned through their bodies. But this time, an inferno seemed to ignite like never before.

She slowly lifted his shirt over his shoulders. He reached to her shoulder and dropped her sundress to her waist. Her beautiful pert breasts were exposed to the rain as he smiled and ran his hands across them. He enjoyed playing with them and pushing them together as she gasped. They quickly pulled back together again, kissing passionately. Their bodies were soaking wet as their chests slid against each other. Their burning hot flesh almost evaporated the water away.

He began to nibble and kiss her neck and slowly worked his way to her ear. He lightly chewed on her lobe and whispered, "I am definitely falling for you," into her ear. This sent tingles down her spine. He again began to kiss her neck. She pulled back and gave a mischievous smile, unbuttoned his pants and smiled as they dropped to the ground. Just like her, he was not wearing underwear and his rock hard member stood at her full attention in the rain.

She reached down and took it into her hands and began to stroke his shaft. It was slippery and she enjoyed moving from the head to the base, watching him squirm with pleasure. After a few strokes, she dropped to the ground, cupped his balls and began to tease the head of his member with her snake like tongue.

She felt so sexy with the rain pouring, her soaked hair hanging down as she moved her mouth over the swollen head of his member. The mix of pre-cum and rain made her tremble with delight. She was soaking wet inside and out. As she slowly slid her mouth over his hard on, she pulled her sundress down and kicked it off. They were both now naked in the rain.

She began to move her mouth up and down his shaft, slowly taking him deeper and deeper as he ran he hands through her hair. She was so hot and wet, ready to be penetrated at anytime. She looked up at him with sexy eyes. This drove him crazy, seeing his member in her mouth, the wet hair hanging down and eyes zeroed in on him.

After enjoying an awesome blow job, he pulled her head up and they began to kiss passionately again. She felt his member pressing against her groin. She reached down and positioned it near her awaiting red hot love hole. He reached down and pulled her right leg up to his waist. Since there was not a major height difference, things lined up nicely.

She felt the bulging head of his member press against her opening. She gasped as he pushed open her tight wet hole and began to enter. It was a bit awkward at first, but he was able to push into her womanhood and begin nice strokes. Her whole body was beginning to weaken and tremble from the building pleasure.

The rain continued to pour as they kissed, embraced and made passionate love. He continued to grip her buttocks as he began to ram her insides. Then he suddenly pulled out and said, "Turn around." At this point she would have done anything to get him back inside her; she was close to a massive orgasm.

As she turned around, he saw the view of her perfect ass and slender legs. He reached around her and pulled her close. She felt his head of his member pressing against her again and this was going to be a different angle. She bent just enough to allow entry, gave him a little guidance and screamed as he penetrated again and went much deeper than the previous position.

One of his hands found her clit, while his other hand rubbed her nice flat tummy and he began to suck, kiss and nibble on her neck and ears. He couldn't take it any longer and said, "Lauri, I am going to cum, oh I am going to cum!!!" He began to such her neck again and she felt his member widen and get even harder deep inside of her.

She pushed back hard to feel it hit rock bottom. This drove her crazy and she began to move back against him extremely fast and she felt her orgasm building from the perfect rhythm of his fingers on her clit. Oh, she thought, "This is going to be a good one." He let out a yep and began grunting as she felt his him jerk and pump, buried deeply inside her. Then she felt the hot load release, filling her insides.

This was all she could take and her orgasm ripped through her body. It was nothing like before, as she looked up into the pouring rain and a feeling of electricity shot through her entire body like bolts of lightening. This was followed by thunder as she felt her orgasm release deep inside her, intense pleasure all through her aroused treasure chest. As she exploded, she breathed hard, moaned, her contracting vagina sucked the remainder of the hot cum from his pulsing member.

They both fell down into the mud from exhaustion as they held each other and laughed. It was truly a day they would treasure and never forget.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend in Joplin -- Saturday

Weekend in Joplin -- Saturday [part 2 of 4]
By: moodcouple (

Weekend in Joplin Saturday

After making love the next morning, they showered together and went to breakfast in the dining room. Over the meal, she told him what she had done on the drive the day before. "You're freakin' crazy," he said. "You could have gotten yourself killed. Imagine the rescue squad pulling your body from the wreck, then having to pull your fingers out of your pussy," he said, smiling at the image.

"I did it just to get ready for you," she said with mock meekness.

"And because it felt good," he responded.

"Yeah, that too."

"Maybe next time you do it for me you'll let me watch," he said.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," she responded teasingly, not intimating that's exactly what what this Southern Belle had already planned for him.

When they had finished eating, Nora asked him to run to the quick shop and fill the cooler with beer and ice. As soon as she got to the room, she began setting up for the scene she had planned. She put the chair against the wall in the far end of the room where it would be visible from the door. On the table next to it, she placed the hairbrush with the long, curved handle which she had carefully washed. She had thought of bringing her vibrator, but decided that the hairbrush would more visually stimulating - plus it was longer. She quickly pulled her clothes off and started to sit down. At the last minute, she covered the chair with a towel, "No need to stain the furniture," she thought.

She was sitting in the chair when Lee came in the door. She had her legs parted so he had a good view of her cunt, and she was languidly fingering her clit with one hand while she rolled a nipple between the fingers of the other. As he watched, Nora bent her head over and pulled her breast up so she could lick her own nipple. Lee stopped in his tracks, struck dumb by the view. "Strip and come over here," she ordered. "But don't touch," she added.

Lee immediately had his shirt and shorts off. She was delighted to see that just the sight of her doing herself was getting him hard. He walked over until he was standing right in front of her and began stroking himself. "Don't jack-off," she commanded. "Not yet. Me first."

With that, she pulled her pussy lips apart, giving him a close-up view of her pink insides, already wet in anticipation. She began rubbing her clit faster, and stuck two fingers into her cunt. Leaning her head back, she mewed in pleasure. Lee watched while she slid her fingers in and out Then she removed her fingers and waved them enticingly under his nose. "You like the smell of my sex?" She asked. He numbly nodded his head as she slowly licked each finger. "I see why you like eating my pussy," she said, licking her fingers again. "I am delicious."

Nora then picked up the hair brush, wetting the handle by slowly rubbing it against her pussy lips. His eyes widened as the end of it disappeared inside her. Making soft, happy sounds, she very slowly moved it further and further into her wet cunt until all but the bristles were visible. Then just as slowly she pulled it out again, and repeated the process, all the while holding her lips open and continuing to stroke her clit.

Nora's hands were almost shaking with the stimulation she was receiving, both from the fucking she was giving herself and from the reaction it was getting from Lee. He couldn't take his eyes off the action at her crotch, and clearly was struggling not to jerk himself off.

As her climax approached, Nora leaned her head further back and closed her eyes until they were just slits, open only wide enough to watch Lee watching her. For a moment she stopped moving the brush in and out, instead moving it around searching for the right spot. With a gasp, she found it, and began rubbing harder, both with the brush and with her fingers. She gave herself over completely to the feelings she was creating, and with a shout she began cumming. When her orgasm started, she violently moved the brush in and out, fucking herself into waves of pleasure that entirely engulfed her. In her efforts to prolong her orgasm she lost track of everything but what she was doing to her self. Only when it began to subside did she look at Lee again.

He was staring transfixed at her pussy. She was aware then that the juices were running out of her and puddling on the towel beneath. With a sigh, she slid the brush out and, putting it aside, she pushed her fingers back into herself. Getting them wet from her cunt, she held them up to Lee again, this time letting him lick her cum off them.

Then, with a sigh, she leaned back and looked him in the eye. "Now you. Do it for me." Lee started stroking himself, running his hand up and down the length of his now hard cock. Nora enjoyed how the head turned almost purple as his hand slid up to it, then paled again as his hand slid down. With his other hand, Lee cupped his balls.

As he got closer, Nora leaned forward and cupped her breasts in her hands, creating a makeshift bowl. "I want you to come on my face, and on my tits," she said encouraging him. She noted how he made a circle out of his thumb and forefinger, and seemed to only be stimulating the two inches of cock below the head. Nora could see the pre-cum seeping out of the slit in the end of Lee's cock, running down onto his fingers. She had to restrain herself from leaning forward and licking them clean.

Suddenly Lee cried out, and the first volley of hot cum hit Nora on the cheek. With the next spasm, he sprayed her chin. Lee then directed the rest of his load down onto her chest and tits. Even before he stopped shooting, Nora was rubbing the silky liquid over her breasts and face. Nora gave into her desire to lean forward, and she licked the remaining cum dribbling out of his dick.

Nora then scooped as much of the thick white liquid into her hands as she could and rubbed it on her face. She sucked a large glob into her mouth, then, standing, she kissed Lee open-mouthed and snow-balled his spunk back to him. Holding on to the kiss as long as possible, Nora slid against his chest, smearing him with the sticky stuff on her tits. She then sank onto the chair, and Lee laid back on the bed.

"Wow," Lee said. "You are incredible."

"Did you like it, Sugar?"

:Oh yeah," he replied with a sigh. "You are really something."

"Did you enjoy seeing me do myself?" she asked, impishly. "I enjoyed putting the show on for you." Then she added, "And the show you put on for me."

"Did you really like the taste of your pussy when you licked your fingers," he asked.

"Of course," she replied. I've tasted it many times. When I kiss you after you've been eating me, your beard is soaked with pussy juice. It always turns me on to taste myself on your face and beard.

"And did you like tasting your own cum?" she asked.

"Not sure," he replied. "It's something I'd have to get used to. You did surprise me though."

Nora sat admiring Lee's only half deflated cock. She got up, then knelt between his legs and took his dick in her hands. She realized how sticky he was, so she bent forward and tried to lick him clean. Lee laid his head back and moaned quietly, enjoying the feel of her licking him. Nora then took his still deflated cock in her mouth and moved it slowly in and out, teasing him with her tongue. She loved the feel of him getting harder and longer in her mouth. As he got to full erection, she gently removed him from her mouth and moved her tongue on down to lick his balls. After sucking them one at a time into her mouth, she held his balls higher, and moved her tongue on down, not hesitating until she was licking his asshole. She rimmed him several times with the tip of her tongue, then forced it inside his bottom. As Lee moaned repeatedly, Nora closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of butt-fucking her lover with her tongue.

Lee's cock was pressed against Nora's forehead while she teased his ass. Nora could feel him leaking precum into her hair. Reluctantly she moved her lips back over his balls, and took his cock into her mouth again, deep-throating him. She could feel him straining to suppress his orgasm. Lee took a hold of Nora's shoulders, and stood her up. He roughly sucked each of her cum-sticky tits, making her shudder with the pleasure/pain. Then he kissed her hard on her lips.

Lee stood and moved behind Nora. He pushed on her shoulder, bending her over the bed. Meekly complying, she spread her legs apart to give him full access to her dripping pussy. She felt his cock-head enter her, then "Ooomph!" he violently slammed into her, flattening her on the bed. He pulled almost all the way out, then "Ooomph!" again. Taking advantage of all those Kegel exercises, she grasped at him with her cunt muscles as he slid out again, "Ooomph!" "Oh Baby, fuck me hard," she called out.

"Ooomph!" again, as he drove her closer and closer to the edge. "Yes, Baby, give it to me," she whispered as she again clenched her cunt lips around his sliding cock. "Ooomph! - Yes Baby, fuck me hard," she grasped at him. She could feel she was right on the brink.

"God, Nora, you're cunt is so tight," he said. "Ooomph!" "Yes Baby. It feels so good."

One final "Ooomph!" and Nora's body exploded, consuming her with her orgasm. "Ooomph!" again and Nora was completely lost in a sea of pure pleasure.

Lee then grasped her hips tightly and began rubbing her back and forth, up and down with his cock buried completely inside. To Nora, it felt like he was using her pussy to jerk himself off, and she didn't care - she loved it. As her first orgasm subsided she immediately started cumming again. She pushed back hard against him, wanting all of him.

"Oooomph!" and suddenly she felt him throb. "Oh baby, yes, bite me," he yelled. "Bite me with your cunt," as he began to pump load after load of hot cum into her. She could feel it filling her until her pussy overflowed and it was running down her thighs. She reached down between her legs and rubbed the mixture of man and woman cum over her clit, triggering a final climax.

As both their orgasms died, he fell on the bed next to her, his now limp cock sliding out of her. She crawled up into his arms, nuzzling and kissing his face and neck. He took one of her tits into his mouth, licking his dried cum off of it. Then they lay still holding each other tightly.

"Oh fuck," Nora declared. "That was incredible." Sitting up slightly she declared, "I need a cigarette and a drink."

"Me too, he answered. "But I don't think I can stand up after that."

Somehow they managed to get a drink poured and a cigarette lit. They shared both, cuddling together stickily on the bed.

After resting a while, Nora suggested they head back to the pool area. "Don't you want to clean up," Lee asked. "There's cum all over you, and me too."

"No, Honey," she answered. "I want to go like this. I want others to see it, to see how lucky I am that this gorgeous Yankee guy shot his sperm all over me. And don't you clean it off yourself, either. I want them to know we were rolling in it."

They pulled their suits on again, and again Nora was again pleased with the way Lee's cock was outlined in the skimpy Speedo, shrunken though it was. She was half hoping the pool room would be empty, so they could repeat the public fucking she'd gotten the night before. But even more, she hoped others would be there so she could show off the evidence of their torrid sex.

When they got to the pool area, they dropped the cooler off on a table and headed again to the hot tub. Nora was a little disappointed to see a young, overweight couple already in the tub. The woman vaguely reminded Nora of her fat housewife of a sister. Clarice, the prude, had always thought herself superior to Nora, expecially after Nora's marriage fell apart, while Clarice and her husband continued to produce chubby little babies.

As they approached, Nora could see that the woman had her eyes glued to Lee's suit. Deciding she wanted to put on a real show, Nora stopped Lee and stepped slightly behind him where her body hid the fact that she was running a finger down the crack of his ass. She leaned next to his ear and whispered, "You wanna do me in the hot tub again?" She noted the woman's eyes widen and Nora knew that the suggestion she had made, coupled with her fingering his asshole, must have made Lee's cock visibly grow under his suit. The woman couldn't seem to take her eyes off Lee's crotch. "Eat your heart out, fat girl," Nora thought to herself with malicious pride.

When they got in the water, Nora suddenly stuck out her hand to the couple and said, "Hi, I'm Nora. And this is Lee. Y'all on vacation?" The couple, surprised by her outgoing approach, seemed somewhat taken aback. Nora also thought that from this distance, they might also be noticing the dried cum on her face, although the man was looking only at her almost completely exposed tits. Of course, there was spunk on them, too. The couple stammered their names, and both shook her hand. Lee gave a kind of half wave, half salute in greeting. He was also surprised at Nora's friendliness.

"We're on our way home from Branson," the man said. Just giving the kids a chance to run off some energy," he said, indicating the two pudgy boys in the pool. "You have any kids?" He added.

"No," Nora said. "We're not married - at least not to each other," she giggled. "We're just here for a weekend getaway, aren't we Sugar?" she said turning to Lee and kissing him on the ear. In doing so, she intentionally turned her most cum-streaked cheek toward the couple, purposely increasing the shock value of her words.

Embarrassed, the man said something about checking on the kids, and started climbing out of the water. Nora observed with satisfaction that even in his droopy boxer-style suit she could see his boner. "Probably from looking at my tits," she thought with satisfaction. "and seeing someone else's spunk there. Yes, Bubba, Lee's already marked this territory." She resisted the temptation to reach out and give his cock a squeeze just to taunt him more.

The woman stayed in the tub a few minutes, trying as hard as she could not to look at Nora's face or chest. Clearly uncomfortable, she finally got out of the tub and joined her husband and kids in the pool. Nora cuddled up to Lee and innocently asked, "I wonder what upset them?"

"Could be you, you brazen hussy," he replied with a smile. "I believe that woman believes you are some kind of slut."

"I am," she replied. "I'm your slut, Honey. I'm your personal cunt, and I want everyone to know it."

"Yes you are," he responded, and emphasized his answer by running his hand up her leg until he was squeezing her pussy. She scooched her bottom around so he could get his fingers inside the leg of her suit, then leaned back with a satisfied grin as he rubbed her pussy-lips. Unfortunately, the two fat kids chose just that time to both jump into the tub. The ensuing wave washed over Nora's face, and she sat up sputtering the water out of her mouth and nose.

"I'm so sorry," the mother said, running up to pull the kids out. Nora nodded and said grumpily, "No problem." Then she got out of the tub, pulling Lee with her. They went over and had a beer and a smoke., while the woman shoo-ed her kids around the pool.

Nora and Lee lay back on their loungers, enjoying their beers. Nora soon nodded off, while Lee read the paper.

Waking some time later, Nora noticed that they were now alone in the pool room. "I need to pee," she announced to Lee.

"So do I," he responded. They both got up and headed to the restrooms in the hall. Nora surreptitiously checked and saw no one in the pool room or the hallway. When they got to the Ladies room, she put her hand on Lee's arm, stopping him from going on to the the Men's. She peeked in the restroom, and, finding it empty, pulled Lee in behind her.

Once inside, they went into the booth farthest back. Nora dropped her bottoms, and sat down, spreading her knees. You can pee right here," she said, indicating the space between her thighs. As soon as the words were out, a stream of piss started coming out of her. Lee hesitated a second, then began peeing, trying to direct the stream where she indicated. At first he sprayed onto her thighs, but then got the it directed into the water below. When they had both finished urinating, Nora tore off some paper and wiped herself and her legs. Then she took some more paper and wiped Lee's dick, even though she knew men did not wipe after peeing. She wanted him clean. She kept rubbing him. She also wanted him hard.

Nora stood up, and kicked her bottoms off from around her ankles She had Lee move to sit on the commode with his cock sticking up. She ran her hands up and down him as she squatted over his lap,and slowly lowered herself onto him. She hesitated as his cock-head touched her cunt. She rubbed it against her lips a few time, encouraging the dampness that was developing, then lowered herself again, forced him into her pussy. Nora started rocking back and forth on Lee's cock, smiling at the wonderful feelings this was causing her. She could feel him getting harder inside her as he got used to the semi-public fucking he was getting.

Suddenly they heard the restroom door open and the footsteps of a women coming in to relieve herself. Quickly Nora raised her feet and braced them on the wall behind Lee. She shivered as her cunt clamped tightly around Lee's dick. Nora hoped the the woman would not look too closely at the masculine legs showing under the cubicle wall.

From the sounds, they heard the woman enter the front stall. Soon there was the sound of her urinating. Nora hugged herself close to Lee, and rocked slightly. She could tell that the surprise and fear of getting caught had caused to start to lose his hard-on. It had the opposite affect on her - making her even more wet and excited. Her rocking stiffened him again as the pussy juice ran out of her onto his thighs.

They heard the woman wipe herself, then leave the cubicle and walk to the wash stand. As the water was running, Nora chanced moving the leg on he back side of the commode to the floor. Based on no evidence whatsoever, Nora decided that it was the fat girl from the pool in the restroom with them. Nora half wanted the woman to catch them, however soon they heard the sounds of the door opening again. Nora dropped her other foot to the floor, and began rocking harder, rubbing her clit against Lee's pelvic bone. Soon she buried her mouth against his shoulder as she started cumming.

Only as her orgasm was subsiding did Nora wonder if the door opening was really the other woman leaving, or someone else coming in. However they held very still, and determined that they were indeed alone.

Nora realized that Lee had not yet cum. She thought of rocking until she brought him off, but then had a better idea. She got off Lee's lap, then had him stand while she took his place sitting on the commode. Holding the base of his cock in her fist, she took the head into her mouth. She could taste her own cum on him, which turned her on more. She cupped his balls in her other hand, and found them sticky with her juice. As pre-cum started leaking from Lee, she rubbed him around her face, then took his head back between he lips. She began stroking him, giving him more of a hand-job than a blow job.

Cupping his balls with her other hand, she slid her finger up his crack and flicked over his asshole. Feeling his response in his cock, she forced her finger into him. Soon she could tell he was about to explode as she continuing to stroke him and finger fuck his ass. She concentrated her oral attentions on the same area of cock she had seen him stimulate when he jacked-off earlier. Soon he started spurting into her mouth. She forced her finger as far up his butt as she could while swallowing all the sweet stuff he had to offer. After the two earlier orgasms, he had such a meager offering of semen she didn't even think about sharing it with him.

When she had sucked what she could get out of him, they pulled their suits back on and headed out. Nora peeked out and checked that the hallway was empty before they left the restroom.

When they got back to the pool, there was an older woman swimming laps in the pool. She was wearing a prim, skirted suit and a bathing cap. Nora hadn't seen a bathing cap since the last time she went swimming with her mother.

As Nora and Lee sat back in the loungers, the woman got out of the pool and walked over to the table next to them, where she had left her towel. As the woman was drying off, she introduced herself as Nancy, demonstrating a southern drawl that, to Nora, marked her not only as a Southern lady, but a lady of class and breeding.

"My, that was refreshing," the woman commented. And how are y'all doin' today?'

Lee and Nora introduced themselves, and the woman said, "It's nice to see you young people enjoin' yourselves."

Lee tasked to be excused, saying he was going to try swimming some laps himself.

As he was walking to the pool, Nora saw the older woman admiring his butt in the tight suit he was wearing.

He's a good lookin' boy," Nancy commented. Reminds me of my second husband. He was a Yankee boy too." Nora thought about Lee being called a boy. At 45, he was nine years her senior. Then the woman added, "And that boy of yours has nice, hairy legs too. And such long, distinctive toes." At that point, Nora rethought her idea that it was the fat girl who had been in the restroom with her. She also rethought her idea that they had not been discovered.

"It's important that we show these Yankee boys what's so special about us Southern gals," the woman went on. "There is one piece of advice I'd like to give you, though, honey," she said, leaning over and patting Nora on the knee. " I know, as good a lookin' a boy as he is it's probably hard to wait until you get back to the room to take advantage of him. I can understand why you might want to stop in a 'semi' private spot to have your way with him," emphasizing the "semi." She went on, "I might have done somethin' like that with a couple of my husbands."

Nancy then leaned closer and said, "But Nora dear, a lady should always wash the evidence off her face before goin' out in public." With that, she stood, wrapped her towel around herself, and walked out of the room, leaving Nora self-consciously trying to rub the dried semen off her cheeks.